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Radio Guest List–Terranea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA–July 5, 2014

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terranea3Terranea Resort is located on the beautiful Palos Verdes Pennisula just south of Los Angeles. It’s known as LA’s premier oceanfront resort and the second you enter the property, you see exactly why it got this designation.

This week Peter Greenberg will broadcast from Terranea, which is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Located on the exact site that used to be home to Marineland, a theme park Peter himself remembers visiting fondly as a young boy, Terranea not only offers new and exciting things to do, but has an amazing history.

Peter is joined by Allan Franz, an anthropologist and professor working with the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy who tells Peter all about the local history, including what famous show was shot right off the Peninsula in front of the hotel. Hint: One of the restaurants at Terranea is named after it.

He also gets a chance to meet some of the wild falcons that live at the center. Peter talks to Joe Roy who tells him all about the history of falcons in the area and why they stay.

You can listen to all of this and more as Peter broadcasts from the Terranea Resort in Ranchos Palos Verdes.

Click here to listen to the show, streaming live from 10 am until 1 pm ET on Saturday, July 5, 2014.

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George Hobica, founder of Airfare Watchdog, discusses some of the latest trends in travel, including convenient ways to get around using Uber and an alternate to hotels during summer travel with AirBnB.

Julia Banning, Great Granddaughter of Phineas Banning and volunteer at the Banning Museum, discusses the impact her relatives made on the early transportation systems in Los Angeles.

Allen Franz from the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy talks to Peter about the history of the land where Terranea now resides and how the Conservancy is working with the resort to preserve and maintain the land around it.

Dan Crane, curator at the Point Vicente Interpretive Center, talks to Peter about the geology of the Peninsula, including what makes it so special. He also gives some examples of some of the best aquatic animals you can see from the resort.

Marissa Edwards has the greatest title in the world. She is known as the “Director of All Things Fun” at Terranea Resort. Edwards tells Peter about some of the hidden gems most people wouldn’t think they could experience on a resort.

Mike Schaadt, Director of the Cabrillo Aquarium, talks to Peter about the aquatic life around the Peninsula, discussing the types of whales you can see of the coast, even some of the most elusive ones that make appear during certain times of the year.

Marifrances Trivelli is the director of the Los Angeles Maritime Museum. She talks about some of the educational offerings the museum showcases to children, some even seeing aquatic wildlife for the first time in their lives, despite living close to the ocean.

Robert Landau, author of Rock and Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip, shows Peter a special photo he took of the old Marineland billboard advertising the former theme park that used to live on the land taken over by Terranea. Unfortunately the area stood vacant and overgrown until the Terranea project came to fruition.

Joe Roy is Terranea’s falcon expert. The resort provides a popular and unique attraction for visitors, allowing them an up close and personal view of these majestic birds. Roy tells Peter all about what makes Falcons so special, why they are in the area, and what makes them continue to come back.

Bernard Ibarra, executive chef at Terranea, tells Peter about some of his favorite dishes, what works on the menu and what he had to take off because people just were not eating it. He also reveals the strangest items on the menu and using sustainable farm-to-table principles in his eight restaurants on the property.

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