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Travel Tip: TSA PreCheck vs Global Entry

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Image Credit: TSA Instagram

Image Credit: TSA Instagram

You’ve probably heard a lot about TSA PreCheck and the CBP Global Entry programs.

They both require a fee, plus logging your personal information into a national database.

How do you decide between TSA PreCheck vs Global Entry?

Here’s some more information.

The good news is that TSA’s PreCheck program CAN get you access to a faster security process: shoes stay on, laptops remain in the case, liquids stay in your bag.

But, it doesn’t always work, and here’s why.

For starters, the TSA can decide who can and can’t get access to the PreCheck line.

It’s part of the security protocol to randomly reject passengers who qualify.

Plus, you might notice that non-members are now being allowed into the PreCheck line, supposedly to move things along more quickly.

But the drawback is that they may not know the drill, which can actually slow down the line significantly.

If you’re a member of a Trusted Traveler program like Global Entry, that makes you eligible for PreCheck. But don’t assume the airlines have that information.

You have to manually enter your Known Traveler ID number into all of your frequent flyer program accounts.

That connects it to your ticket information, which then makes you eligible for PreCheck.

It’s still no guarantee you’ll get through, but at least it improves your chances.

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