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Peter Greenberg Worldwide–Atlanta Food & Wine Festival–May 31, 2014

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atlanta 3If you think Southern food is just fried chicken and grits, think again. There is a rising culinary scene in the South, and that’s why we traveled there this weekend. Peter Greenberg headed to Georgia for the annual Atlanta Food & Wine Festival.

Listen in as Peter interviews Kristen Hard, the first female chocolate bean-to-bar shop owner in the continental United States. She talks about how her love of sailing led to her obsession with cacao. Also joining us is Alanta’s Fire Chief, Kelvin Cochran. He talks about fire safety and travel, and how the Atlanta airport may be the best place to survive a heart attack.

Then we speak with the chefs of some of the hottest restaurants in the South and Southwest. From North Carolina to San Antonio, we talk to them about the festival, their influences, the latest in Southern cuisine, and how rapidly the food scene in the South is flourishing.

All this and more when we broadcast from the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival.

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Check out this week’s guest list, listen to the latest all-local podcast, and stream the full show below.

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