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Radio Guest List–Atlanta Food & Wine Festival–May 31, 2014

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AtlantaFoodandWineWhen most people think of Southern cuisine, they think of the staple fried chicken, or the old “meat and three” (side dishes, that is). Things are rapidly evolving, though, in the South’s culinary world. This week, Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio is coming from the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, which spotlights the modern flavors and historic influences of the American South.

From discussing the growing craft beer scene to discovering a restaurant that fuses Asian and Southern cuisine, to covering Atlanta’s astonishing economic and cultural growth over the past several years, you’ll find it all this weekend on Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio.

Click here to listen to the show streaming live from 10 am until 1 pm ET on Saturday, May 31, 2014.

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Sheffield Hale, president of the Atlanta History Center, talks about Atlanta’s connection to the Civil Rights movement and the center’s large Civil War artifacts collection.

Chef Linton Hopkins, owner of Restaurant Eugene, explains why he’s done away with fancy French names for dishes and why it was easier than he expected to become a vegan.

Kevin Green, President of Midtown Alliance, chats about the development of Midtown and how Uber and Lyft have helped clean up and bring people to the area.

Andrea Reusing, owner of the Lantern restaurant, discusses how her restaurant melds Asian cuisine with Southern influences.

Kristen Hard, owner of Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Company, expresses her love of sailing and how it led to her even bigger love of fresh, real, chocolate. She even proves that one of her chocolate bars is healthier than eating yogurt for breakfast!

Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran explains fire safety in the growing city of Atlanta and how President Obama asked him to join FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security.

Chef Bryan Caswell, owner and executive chef of the Reef restaurant in Houston, Texas, talks about being on The Next Iron Chef and the development of Houston’s food scene.

Chef Steve McHugh, owner and executive chef of Cured in San Antonio, Texas, shares stories of his Wisconsin roots, New Orleans influences, and the personal significance of his restaurant’s name.

Bob Townsend, veteran writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, discusses the growth in Atlanta’s craft brew market and the new trend towards speciality craft beers aged in barrels.

Adam Evans, executive chef of The Optimist in Atlanta, dishes about studying and working in New York, bringing those experiences to Atlanta, and the unusual ways he’s preparing seafood.

Kevin Ouzts and the Condiment Junkie co-founder Russell Jones from the United Kingdom talk about the role that all five senses have on how people taste and experience food.

Dominique Love, Atlanta Food & Wine Festival co-founder, explains what makes the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival special and why this is one of the most up and coming festivals in the country.

Barry Rivers, director of the Maui Film Festival, talks about the rise of festivals in tourism and the growing popularity of independent film in Hawaii.

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