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Travel Detective Blog: Why TSA PreCheck Isn’t Working

TSA-pat-downOnce again, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) remains consistently incompetent. Their decisions are flawed, especially—and most recently—when it comes to their TSA PreCheck program, which has become a sad joke among frequent flyers.

At many airports, most of the PreCheck checkpoints are never open when I’m flying, and when I am flying, the TSA consciously puts neophyte travelers in the PreCheck line who a) don’t know why they’re there, b) think they’ve done something wrong, and c) proceed to take off their belts, their shoes, remove their jackets, laptops and then slowly fish inside their pockets to take out everything that has been decaying in there since 1957.

What’s worse is that the PreCheck program can still randomly kick you out. In the past six months—for two out of every five of my flights—I was told I didn’t qualify for PreCheck that day.

Hey, I’m either a trusted traveler or I’m not. Today, the line for PreCheck was three times longer than the regular security line. Plus, it was actually slower, as confusion among those first-time travelers reigned, and the frustration among those PreCheck fliers boiled over.

It is a ridiculous policy from the TSA, and it defeats the very purpose of why PreCheck was started. If someone from the TSA can voice a logical and coherent argument to justify the way they are managing PreCheck, I’d be in shock, because that logical and coherent argument doesn’t exist.

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