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Travel Tip: Secret Airport Lounge Access

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Qatar lounge interiorThere’s a reason frequent flyers love airport lounges…decent seats, Wi-Fi, and snacks make all the difference on a long layover. But you don’t need a first class ticket for airport lounge access.

Your credit card can get you past some exclusive velvet ropes. For example, Citibank’s Citi Executive AAdvantage card is the ONLY card that will get you— and two guests—into the American Airlines and US Airways lounges.

Here’s a little-known promotion: If you present a credit card that USED to get you access to the American lounge, they’ll also let you in.

I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with Xanax.

Airlines also have member programs, so do the math: A year membership at the United Club is about $500 a year. A day pass is $50. So, you have to fly five round-trip flights in a year to break even.

Some airports have cheaper pay-in lounges, like the $20 Airspace Lounge, which is open in JFK, Baltimore, San Francisco, San Diego, and Cleveland.

Here’s a tip: those with lounge access can usually bring a guest. So, if you happen to make a friend outside of the lounge, it could be your lucky day.

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