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Travel Tip: Pickpocket-Proof Clothing

Ask anyone who has lost their passport, tickets, or wallet on the road, and they’ll tell you that all it takes is one moment of carelessness.

But here’s what’s cool…your clothes and travel gear can actually help protect your belongings.

Clothing Arts has a line of clothes called PCubed that are designed to ward off pickpockets.The fabric is made with a slashproof material, and the pockets are double protected with zippers and buttons.

Then there’s Scottevest, which makes entire collections of men’s and women’s clothing. And they all come with a crazy amount of pockets—most of which aren’t even visible from the outside. One jacket can have anywhere from 10 to 37 pockets. And here’s something neat. Scottevest now has a pickpocket guarantee, which will reimburse travelers up to a $1000 for any valuables stolen from the internal pockets.

And it’s not just about what you wear, but what you carry.  Pacsafe makes everything from laptop cases to suitcases. They use slashproof mesh, and a locking system to keep your belongings safe.

They’ve even got wallet and passport holders made with RIFD-blocking materials, so your personal information stays protected.

But remember, nothing outweighs basic vigilance, anytime you’re on the road.

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