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Travel Tip: National Park Photography Workshops

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glacier national park roadTaking a great nature photo isn’t just about pointing and shooting…or as the pros say, spraying and praying. But there are ways to get real, hands-on experience while you’re in some of the most scenic parts of America.

Yosemite National Park is synonymous with Ansel Adams, and you can take a course through the Ansel Adams Gallery. Expert outdoor photographers lead several-day workshops where you can see the park through a camera lens.

The Yellowstone Association has a three-day workshop that will definitely hone your skills in both nature and action photography. It’s all about spring wildlife, and you’ll learn everything from basic techniques to how to track animals ethically in their natural habitat.

Landscape photographers can’t get enough of Glacier National Park, so you can take a course with the Missouri-based Rocky Mountain School of Photography.

Lastly, if you really want an intense experience, National Geographic has a 12-day field workshop in the Grand Canyon and the Southwest.

You’re basically on assignment with a real Nat Geo contributor, and it’s a totally immersive program based on nature and photography.

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