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Travel Tip: How To Change Your Flight For Free

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airplane wingOne of the biggest moneymakers for airlines is the dreaded change fee. But there are some ways you can change your flight for free, if you plan it right.

According to the Department of Transportation, U.S. airlines earn more than $2.5 billion a year in cancellation and change fees.

Changing a non-refundable domestic ticket costs at least $200.

But once you purchase a ticket, you have 24 hours to cancel or change it, as long as you book at least 7 days in advance.

However, if you book through an online travel agent, you may have to pay service fees.

Southwest doesn’t charge any change fees at all, but you do have to pay a fare difference on a new ticket.

Alaska Airlines doesn’t charge a change fee if it’s 60 days or more before your departure.

Then you can, well, pay for that option. American Airlines now has pre-paid packages that get you various perks.

The Choice Plus option, which costs a minimum of $88, gets you a free checked bag, a free drink, early boarding, and…you guessed it, no change fees.

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