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Travel Tip: How To Save Money On Your Summer Cruise

cruise_deckSummer is a big season for cruising, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay sky-high prices. Here’s how you can save on your summer cruise.

Alaskan cruises are among the most popular and they fill up fast, partly because they’re only available in the warmer months.

So, for the lowest rates, travel in early May or early September. Princess, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean drop their rates at the beginning and the end of the season.

But be aware there could be unpredictable weather, which might affect your itinerary.

Most cruises that sail up the New England coast and into Canada are in the fall, for prime foliage viewing. But Holland America has an East Coast cruise that starts as early as May—for about half the price as one in September/October.

No, you won’t see the fall foliage, but the weather can’t be beat that time of year.

Summer can get pricey in the Caribbean, but there are lots of options in the Bahamas. These tend to be short, 3 and 4-day trips that only cost a few hundred dollars per person, so you can get the experience without paying high prices.

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