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Peter Greenberg Shares the Latest Travel Secrets on The View

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Peter sat down with Barbara Walters on The View this week to expose some travel secrets in the latest “Secrets…with Barbara” segment.

There are a few secrets loyal readers might know, including the best time to book airline tickets. But that’s not the only trick of the airline industry. Perhaps one of the biggest bait and switch schemes has been frequent flyer programs. There are now more unredeemed frequent flyer miles in the world than dollar bills in circulation. Miles might be easy to earn, but they’re hard to redeem. It’s in the airlines’ best interest—but not yours—to have members redeem miles for everything except flights. However, you would have to fly twice across the country just to earn a $50 box of Godiva chocolates.

But that’s not the only secret the travel industry has up its sleeve. Watch Peter and Barbara’s full conversation to hear about how travel is changing and how you can benefit. Plus, don’t miss Peter’s three theories about what really happened to MH370, and his explanation of what to do in the event of a crash (hint: there is no best seat).