The 6 Worst Ways to Spend Your Frequent Flyer Miles

On the first episode of The Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg, Peter shared a few starting facts about frequent flyer programs. Did you know that there are more unredeemed frequent flyer miles than U.S. dollar bills in circulation? While, it’s no loss for the airlines to sell miles, redeeming them is a different story. That’s why airlines are trying to entice passengers to spend their hard-earned miles on everything except for flights. Most airline mileage programs sell all kinds of products, so how much do you have to fly to earn a smart TV, a diamond watch or even a box of chocolates? Turns out it’s quite a lot.

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At the Delta SkyMiles Marketplace, you can buy Godiva® Ultimate Dessert Truffles 24 pc. Assortment for 10,200 miles. It will take you two trips across the country to earn those miles (that’s over $500 in airfare) or you can buy the box that retails for $50.