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Travel Tip: Carry-On Rules are Changing

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By airport traveler with suitcase on walkway, credit bigstocknow, we’re all used to checked-bag fees—even if we don’t like them. But the unavoidable consequence is that people now carry everything short of their dead grandmothers onto the plane to avoid those fees. Now, the airlines are cracking down and some carry-on rules are changing.

All airlines have size limits for carry-on bags. But United Airlines is being more proactive with regards to bag measurement, and its making people pay for a bag if it’s deemed too big.

American Airlines is using positive reinforcement to get people to check their bags. Passengers with no overhead luggage can board early, between groups 1 and 2.

While I’m not a fan of the fees, U.S. airlines earn more than $3 BILLION a year in checked-bag fees. Translation: They’re not going away. So, if there are policies that help speed up the boarding process, I’m all for it.

Hey, it could be a lot worse. In Europe, Ryanair and Easy Jet don’t just have size restrictions, they also have weight allowances. These guys aren’t afraid to charge you sky-high prices if your bag is even one pound overweight.

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