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Voluntourism Spotlight: Spitalfields City Farm

Locations in this article:  London, England

spitalfieldscityfarmLocated roughly four miles from London, travelers can immerse themselves in a truly local experience by volunteering at Spitalfields City Farm. This community farm was set up in 1978 by volunteers. Thanks to both local and visiting volunteers, the farm is still operating today. Check out the program below and remember to tune in to Peter Greenberg Worldwide, broadcasting from the Corinthia London this weekend, for more information. Plus, don’t forget to check out our archive for all kinds of voluntourism opportunities.

Every day of every week, Spitalfields City Farm opens its doors to anyone interested in joining the farmyard, garden, and farm-to-table cooking programs.

The farm is animal-centered and the two full-time staff members aim to promote animal care and welfare while opening up the farm to the commmunity. Volunteers help take care of the animals and have the opportunity to become familiar with their needs, as well as farm maintenance.

You can also join in gardening classes that take place twice a week:  Tuesdays from 11 am-2 pm is for women only. Wednesdays from 11 am-2 pm is open to all.

The cooking classes are on the first Mondays of the month, from 11 am-2 pm at Brandy Arts Center.

The farm also hosts educational and corporate team volunteering days. These are open opportunities to get involved with the community, with the intention of spreading and sharing eco-friendly education.

Participants of all ages are welcome. Registration is required. More information is on the website.

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