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Travel Tip: Airplane Etiquette that Should be Common Sense

Inside the planeIf there’s one thing that drives frequent fliers nuts, it’s being around other passengers who don’t follow basic airplane etiquette. Here are some rules of the road that you should know and use.

Rule number one: there’s a legitimate safety reason why airlines seats need to be in the upright position at certain times. Mealtime is no exception.

Some airlines will announce this before meal service starts, but most don’t, so it’s up to you to be the good guy. Don’t recline your seat when you’re eating. Do you know what that does to the person behind you? You know exactly what it does.

You need to be aware of the people around you. That means keeping your headphones at a reasonable volume, not loud enough for the rest of the plane to know your business.

As for the dreaded armrest debate, here’s my take on it…The person in the middle already has it bad enough, so let them have it. But, you should feel free to say something if their elbows start encroaching on your space.

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