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Travel Tip: These Apps Could Save Your Life in an Emergency

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If Medical Red Crossyou have a chronic health condition, you know that having access to health providers is crucial. But, that’s not always easy on the road. Luckily, there are a few travel apps that could save your life in an emergency.

Ever heard the term I-C-E? It means “in case of emergency,” and you should always have a contact marked with that in your phone. There’s also an app called ICE Standard that contains your medical information—it’s displayed on your phone’s lock screen, so emergency technicians can access it. If you call 911, the information is transmitted to dispatchers.

A fast response means everything when it comes to cardiac distress. Cathmaps is a new app that actually shows labs around the world. It also stores your cardiac history, so emergency responders can access the information in an instant.

Last, but certainly not least, look at the iTriage app. It lists the nearest hospitals and urgent care, and will even tell you the estimated wait time. Like others, it stores your vital information, including emergency contacts and medical conditions. Of course, you can’t rely 100 percent on technology, so always keep a hard copy of your paperwork on hand, just as a failsafe.

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