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Travel Tip: Would You Pay More For Faster Hotel Wi-Fi?

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I’ve 318px-Wifiservice.svgsaid for years that it’s downright nickel and diming when hotels charge guests for Internet. However, there is some good news on the horizon: some hotels are offering tiered hotel Wi-Fi service. That means one level of connectivity is free, and you pay extra for faster speeds.

In London, The Dorchester, 45 Park Lane, and Coworth Park offer free access for a speed of 512 kilobytes per second. With that, you can do stuff like check email and browse the web, all for free.

If you want to watch movies or stream videos, it will cost about 20 pounds a day.

Some Four Seasons properties have a free basic connection for up to two devices. But a faster speed can cost you about $25 a day.

Loews recently announced that it now has free Wi-Fi in all 18 of its hotels. But, a speedier connection for multiple devices will cost nearly $20 a day.

It’s definitely an improvement, but when you consider that it only costs hotels a few hundred dollars a month to provide wireless Internet altogether, the industry still has a long way to go.

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