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5 New Travel Gadgets That Are Becoming Essential

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Portable Keyboard

Fabricskin Keyboard folio

These days, more and more business travelers have been able to untether from their laptops by tricking out their tablets. One of the most essential accessories that transform tablets from leisure devices to work tools is the portable keyboard.

Portable keyboards now come in all different designs. The standard Apple keyboard can connect via Bluetooth to desktops or iPads. But you don’t need to carry something so bulky. There are flexible, portable keyboards that roll up. Some work as projectors. Perhaps the most efficient option is to combine your keyboard with your case. The FabricSkin Keyboard Folio solves that problem. It’s a portfolio that holds the iPad and keyboard in place, protecting the entire iPad. Open it and the tablet folds forward to snap into place. It’s held in position with hidden magnets, and angled for comfortable typing on a desk or in your lap.