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Cabin Crew LOLs: The Funniest Safety Demonstrations

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safety_demonstrationAirlines are always looking for new ways to grab passengers’ attention during the generally uneventful pre-flight safety demonstration. Delta, Virgin, and New Zealand have been coming up with creative and entertaining pre-flight videos for passengers that are generating buzz on YouTube. While the new videos may be grabbing passengers’ attention, the cabin crew doesn’t want to be upstaged. Some are making the airplane their dance floor; others are testing their stand-up skills. There’s even a budding hip hop MC.

Whoever said that pre-flight safety demonstrations had to be serious all the time? Check out our top five safety demonstrations. Some are oldies but goodies.

1.  Sure, Virgin’s Glee-inspired safety video was great, but one flight attendant took it to the next level by making the video come to life with his dancing and lip-syncing.  Check it out. He doesn’t miss a step…or a strut.

2.   Southwest Airlines flight attendants are known for always keeping flights interesting. There have been a few videos of some flight attendants singing their announcement, but this flight attendant had more rhythm. Watch as he gets the passengers to participate in the rapping instructions.

3.   The Philippines’ Cebu Pacific made our list twice because they know how to keep passengers on their toes. First, female flight attendants make the aisle a dance floor, as they dance out the pre-flight safety demonstrations to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.


4.   The male Cebu cabin crew are tough competition for the ladies. They can dance if they want to!


5.   Southwest knows how to get snarky. Listen closely to hear how one flight attendant showed off his stand-up skills during his pre-flight safety speech.

By Siena Mazero for