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Is a Customized Airfare a Higher Airfare?

customize_airfareCustomizing airfares is one of the more controversial pricing proposals in history, but the real question is whether this is good or bad for travelers.

In the brave new world of customized airfares, an airline uses big data to profile its customers and market them directly on destinations, class of service and other preferences that the airline presumes to know about you. Named Resolution 787 (no relation to the aircraft), airlines are looking to personalize airfares to travelers based on a number of factors including age, gender, hometown, airport, flying frequency, shopping history, and potentially even browser history.  With passengers being marketed to directly, it will be harder to understand what qualifies as an airfare deal.

Additionally, anecdotal evidence supports the speculation that browser history can lead to higher airfare. To be safe, research airfares on one computer and remember to clear your cache prior to booking.

Watch Peter’s CBS This Morning report to see what the brave new world of customized airfares means for travelers.