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The 10 Worst People You’ll See at the Airport

Travel etiquette is not just about what happens in-flight–though there are bad travelers here, there and everywhere. Good behavior is important at every stage of the travel process, including the airport. Here are the 10 worst people you’ll see at the airport.

1. Shush! We can all hear your phone call!

Image Credit: Mediocre Films

Image Credit: Mediocre Films

The airport is not your living room. We can all hear your phone conversation. And yes, we’re judging you and you just might end up the butt of the Internet’s joke. Keep it short and sweet, or move to a corner to seek out some privacy.

2. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service


Don’t you think airports should have the same etiquette as beach bars? Too bad, too many travelers want to make themselves at home. If you’re taking off anything besides a sweater or a jacket, stop. No one needs to see it.

3. No Picnics, Please


Eating food outside the food court means your sharing the smells, sight and potential mess of your meal with a couple hundred travelers. Here’s a rule of thumb: If your meal requires silverware or multiple napkins, find a table. Otherwise, stick to snacks that are simple, small and odor-free.

4. Sprawling Out is Out of Style


You’re one traveler, why are you taking up six seats? No, your bag, your coat and your ample girth do not need to sprawl out while others glare at you. If you’ve only booked one seat on the flight, you’re only entitled to one seat at the waiting area.

5. You Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee


It’s crowded, seats are taken and suddenly, common decency is out the window. If you’re the traveler who’s passed out on the airport floor when you leave for a trip, you’re guaranteed to be the passenger who gets the whole plane sick on the way home.

6. How Rude!


This guy snarls at the TSA, growls at the gate agent and pushes ahead of everyone in sight. Just because you’re in a hurry, doesn’t mean your manners should fly by the wayside. No, you’re not the most import person in the airport–that guy is probably flying private–and the person taking your ticket, helping you clear security or selling you a magazine has probably had a worse day.

7. We’re Not Mary Poppins, So Don’t Make Strangers Babysit


Many airports have play areas, however the whole airport is not your playground. Don’t leave your kids unsupervised and out of control. Yes, kids need to move before a flight. If you keep them out of most people’s way then you’ve done your job, mom and dad.

8. Keep It PG


Airport reunions are always romantic, just leave something for the imagination and something for back home in the bedroom. If you have to come up for air you’ve been kissing too long. And you’re definitely getting in someone’s way.

9. Your Lateness Is Not Our Problem


You waited for the last-minute to go to the airport, we didn’t! Your lateness is not the entire airport’s problem. Get a gate agent to escort your through or give up and fly standby on the next flight.

10. Your Tragedy Is Not Our Tragedy


Sometimes, life gets rough. Breakups happen. Do what you can to make sure the whole airport doesn’t know just how bad a jerk your ex was! As Abby Lee Miller preaches, save the tears for your pillow.

11. But Your Joy Is Our Joy

It’s the holidays, we can’t end on a snarky note! For all the bad behavior we see at the airport, there are just a few moments like these. And if that doesn’t do it for you, there’s always the ultimate Christmas movie scene, that’s set in the airport. Take it away, Love Actually:

Rank the worst travelers, you see at the airport:

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