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Don’t Be That Guy! The Worst Travelers Flying Today

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smellypersonWhen you travel you can choose your seat, but you can’t always choose your seat mate. And that’s where the trouble starts. Travel etiquette appears to be a lost art, but airlines and passengers do have a few rights when it comes to bad travelers.

Take the smelly traveler. It’s one of the worst flying experiences, but it can be avoided. Speak up! Major U.S. airlines–American, United, Delta, and others–can throw passengers offensive bodily odors if it’s not caused by disability or illness.

It’s not just smelly travelers, it’s their stinky food. Does anything smell worse than McDonald’s eaten at 35,000 feet?

Even a sleeping passenger is a problem. Not only will they invade your personal space, but the Ambien sleeper has even been known to sleepwalk.

And that’s not the limit of inappropriate behavior. There’s inappropriate dressing that can get you kicked off a plane too. As for in-flight personal grooming, just don’t. Don’t paint your nails, pluck your eyebrows or cut your toenails. Not only can airlines kick passengers off a plane for such behavior–in Peter’s opinion,┬á they should be booted out at altitude.

For more do’s and don’ts of air travel watch Peter’s latest Excess Baggage report that aired this past weekend on The Travel Detective. Make sure to tune in next week too, so see what he’ll say next.

What’s the worst thing you’ve seen a traveler do on a plane?

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