The Best Luggage for 2014

Locations in this article:  Los Angeles, CA

It’s time for our annual luggage review: the best luggage 2014. This year, we have 11 luggage innovations. We’ve got some of the best carry-on bags, the latest large suitcase reviews, and one that even the kids will enjoy.

1. Hard-Shell Security with Briggs & Riley


Released in early 2013, Briggs & Riley’s Torq Collection broke ground in several ways. It’s the first hard-sided bag to have an unconditional lifetime guarantee. The design was also innovative.  Most bags have a 50/50 clam-shell design, but the TORQ offers an 80/20 split between compartments. Also, unusual for hard-sided luggage was the protected outside pocket. Watch this space in 2014 for new color options. (MSRP $479-$569)


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