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Travel Tip: How to Find Dead Week Deals

Locations in this article:  New York City, NY

Paper Money Airplane - Cost of Flying - Save With Travel DealsAs we get into the holiday season, fares keep rising and it’s getting harder and harder to find a deal. But there’s one thing you can do: wait.

Between New Year’s Day and  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is known as the dead week. And it’s not just one week. It’s actually a 12 to 14 day travel period, where you can find deals on cruises, hotels flights and rental cars.

Many dead week deals are last minute, but that’s not always the case. If you’re looking to fly, start now. Look online for airfare alerts—on the airline sites and with tools like AirfareWatchdog.

For cruises, compare prices on the same itinerary on different departure dates to find the cheapest dates. is a great resource, and you can always look at specific cruise line sites.

And hotels, you’ll find last minute deals but that’s not all. Some Manhattan hotels have renamed the Dead Week as New York Hotel Week. You’ll find hotels that normally book for $500, for between $100 and $300.

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