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Hidden Gems of Anchorage

It’s Hard to Find Fresher Seafood: Hidden Gems of Anchorage

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Alaska might have some of the best wild game in the world, but it’s really the seafood that makes this a culinary destination. Most people think that you have to charter a boat to get the best catches. The truth is that there is a hidden gem just two blocks south of Anchorage that will let you savor the freshest King Salmon.

If you get lucky and snag one of the prize fish, don’t worry about the clean up. There are plenty of people, like Dustin Slinger, along the water that will help with all the fish prep.

Don’t have the time (or inclination) to catch, clean, and cook your own fish? Don’t worry. Overlooking The Creek you’ll find Bridge Seafood. Offering the freshest Alaskan seafood options, this is a local spot you won’t want to miss. When they say it’s fresh, they mean it. They are so committed to serving only the best fish that the establishment closes once fishing season is over. So if you want to get to this spot, you only have a few months to do it

Watch as Peter explores some of the best and freshest seafood that Alaska has to offer.


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