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Travel Gadgets to Upgrade Computers, Tablets and Smartphones

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American inventiveness is alive and well, and often creates new travel gadgets designed to make life easier. Contributing writer Phil Baker takes a look at recently introduced gadgets that can help upgrade your current technology, and most won’t break the bank. 

Logitech mouseLogitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 is a portable, yet very usable Bluetooth mouse that works with both Mac and Windows computers. The mouse was designed to accompany the Windows Ultrathin notebooks that never really took hold. But it’s the perfect companion to a MacBook Air or any computer. It’s about 3-inches by 2-inches and 1/4-inch thick, and is substantial enough not to wander on your desk. It works nearly as well as the full-size Apple mouse. Both have a similar touch sensitive surface that responds to a range of finger gestures such as zoom and next page. It’s thin enough to fit into a slim pocket to take with you everywhere and has a rechargeable battery that charges from a USB port. $70.