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Hidden Gems / Hidden Gems: State of Mexico

Stained Glass Beauty in the State of Mexico

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Most journeys through the State of Mexico begin in its capital city of Toluca. The city is a cultural hub, full of museums and monuments.

The most unexpected work of art is the Cosmovitral, an enormous stained glass conservatory. Created by artist Leopoldo Flores Valeds, it is made up of nearly 9,000 feet of glass brought in from around the world.

The structure was completed in 1910 as part of Mexico’s centennial celebrations, and was meant to show time and movement in the colored glass.

With running water, music, and more than 400 plant species, it’s a great way for locals to escape city life. The central wall is a stained-glass sunset, and it lines up with the actual sun as it sinks on the horizon. When the two line up it’s a special effect you don’t want to miss.

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