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Travel Tip: New Apps for Road Trips

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Whether you’re road tripping or navigating a new city, a few helpful apps on your smartphone can make the driving experience a whole lot easier.

The biggest roadblock is when your mapping application conks out because there’s no cell reception. But one, called Co-Pilot Live, is downloaded onto your phone, so the turn-by-turn directions will work even when you’re in a dead zone.

The big drawback: those maps take up a lot of space on your phone.

Driving on an interstate highway? The iExit app lets you know what’s coming up on that next exit—not just the nearest rest stop.

Whether you’re looking for food, gas, or a hotel, the app lets you know what’s coming up—and then you can decide if it’s time for a stop. There’s also my old favorite, GasBuddy. It searches out the gas stations with the lowest prices near your location.

And there’s Trapster, which is based on intel from other drivers. It will alert you to upcoming police presence, red-light camera and potential road hazards up ahead.

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