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The Last Voyage of the Love Boat: A Cruise Icon Retires

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You might not remember the name the Pacific Princess, but the “Love Boat” probably rings a bell. The successful television show aired for nine years, but the cruise ship that viewers saw every week has a 42-year history.

The “Love Boat” launched a new era of cruise travel.  When the show first aired back in 1976, only 600,000 Americans and Canadians took cruise; by 1985, it was 1.7 million. CLIA now anticipates 17.6 million North American cruisers for 2013.

As the Pacific Princess, she carried 646 passengers, and later, she sailed as the MS Pacific with a capacity of 780 passengers. The ship sat in Genoa  when she failed a safety inspection in 2008.  It was deemed too expensive to fix her, and there were no buyers at auction. Ultimately, she was purchased by a Turkish scrapyard where she made her final voyage this week to be stripped for metal and parts.

In a final farewell to the ship and the show, follow along as Peter charts the long legacy of the Pacific Princess and the “Love Boat.”

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