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Travel Tip: You Can Now Apply for TSA PreCheck

Locations in this article:  Indianapolis, IN

It used to be that unless you had frequent-flier status or were a member of a Trusted Traveler program, you couldn’t qualify for the TSA’s PreCheck program. But now there are ways for you to get through security a little faster.

The TSA will soon let you apply online to be eligible for its expedited PreCheck program. You fill out an application and visit an enrollment site where you provide ID and fingerprints. For $85, the pass is valid for five years.

You’ll be able to enroll at Indianapolis International Airport and Washington Dulles, and the TSA is planning to expand to other airports.

Once you clear PreCheck, you get to leave on your shoes, coat and belt. Plus your laptop stays in its case, as do any complaint liquids containers.

It’s not just about the convenient screening. It’s also about saving time. Take it from me, these lines are significantly shorter, so you can save up to 20 minutes when you’re traveling during peak travel times.

My take: That $85 is a bargain for five years of travel convenience.

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