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Voluntourism Spotlight: Forest Service Volunteers in Santa Fe

Image credit: Daniel Schwen

One of the best parts of New Mexico is the landscape. But don’t just go to admire the view when you can actually volunteer to help maintain and preserve the land. With the National Forestry service service program, the Santa Fe National Forest welcomes volunteers of all kinds, for both short and long-term programs. Tune into this weekend’s broadcast of Peter Greenberg Worldwide for more information. Don’t forget to check back every Wednesday for more voluntourism opportunities.

The National Forest Service has become one of the U.S.’s most popular volunteer opportunities. In 2011, volunteers donated more than 4 million hours of service. Within those hours, the volunteers from all walks of life (both individuals and groups) worked together to restore and improve our national landscape.

In the Santa Fe National Forest, you can volunteer to help preserve the country’s largest collection of heritage resources, including archaeological and historical sites. Both Native American and European landmarks suffer vandalism and the natural wear and tear of time. That’s where volunteers come in to assist in identification, documentation and restoration. The Santa Fe National Forest Site Steward volunteers also work to raise awareness.

Click here to learn more about all your volunteer options. To join the Friends of the Santa Fe National Forest icontact Jennifer Sublett, or 505-753-7331.

By Lily Kosner for Peter

Feature image credit: Daniel Schwen