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Know Before You Go: 5 Money-Saving Secrets for Summer Travel

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We’re headed into the peak summer travel season, but you don’t have to pay a high-season premium. The secret to saving money on the road is to Know Before You Go.

As we put the finishing touches on our new summer travel video,  we’re offering one more 360 guide to summer travel savings with the top five money-saving secrets tips from Alyssa Caverley’s Know Before You Go travel series.

We’re talking about finding the most affordable gas prices, scoring free Wi-Fi, not falling prey to international roaming charges, avoiding tourist-trap tours, and detecting (and circumventing) hidden hotel, cruise and airport fees.

5. Avoid International Roaming Charges

Summer is high season in Europe,  but watch out for those foreign cell and data providers. The first step to saving when you go overseas is to turn off your cell phone on airplane mode. Because when roaming charges add up, they add up fast. Instead, follow these smart data practices for going overseas.

4. Hack Your Trip to Save on Sightseeing

The minute you set foot on a tour bus, you’re giving away control of your travel dollars. Instead, hack your trip and use public transportation to get the same amazing views of a city’s major sights. Find out the best bus (and above-ground train) in New York, Chicago, London, Denver and even Los Angeles.

3. Find The Best Gas Prices to Cut Costs on Summer Drives

We all know gas prices go up in the summer, just in time for road-trip season. Instead of paying a premium at the pump, you can practice a few basics tips for improved car maintenance and better gas mileage.

2. Don’t Pay a Premium for Wi-FI

Want free wi-fi, yes there’s Starbucks and McDonalds, but there’s also public libraries and free mobile hot spots across the country. Before you sign up for $10 a day wi-fi, figure out what you can score for FREE.

1. Don’t Fall Prey to Hidden Fees

There are hidden charges waiting to get you at every step of the travel process. Here’s what you need to know to avoid baggage fees, detect hidden hotel charges and prevent the most common cruise costs.

For more summer travel advice, don’t miss the top five Airport Travel Secrets.

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