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Travel Tip: How to Prevent Frequent Flyer Mile Expiration

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It’s getting more difficult than ever to redeem frequent flyer miles. And to make matters worse, your miles might expire if you don’t use them. Most airlines will delete your miles after 18 months to 2 years of no activity. But the solution to frequent flyer mile expiration is simple and it doesn’t even require purchasing an airline ticket.

With American Airlines’ AAdvantage, you can shop and earn 10 miles for every dollar spent.

Southwest Airlines’ Rapid Rewards don’t expire if you use them to book hotels or rental cars online. Or you can shop at Southwest’s online portal.

I’m talking about something as simple a buying a song on iTunes counts as activity to accrue miles.

If you belong to more than one frequent-flier program, it’s worth comparing the different shopping portals, because there are often promotions that will get you bonus miles and points.

Now, Delta’s miles don’t expire, which is great news. But here’s the kicker: They just announced that you can no longer will your miles to family members after you die. So once you expire…so do your miles!

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