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Know Before You Go: The Top 5 Airport Travel Secrets

We’re headed into the peak summer travel season, but you can beat the crowds. The secret is to Know Before You Go.

This week, we’re trying something a bit different. We’re offering a 360 guide to surviving the summer airport crowds with the top five airport tips from Alyssa Caverley’s Know Before You travel series. We’re talking about what to pack, how to fit it all in a carry-on, how to upgrade in economy class, how to pick the right security line and how to behave in flight.

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5. How to Behave On a Flight

Summer travel means more families flying and more kids on planes. But don’t be the person just complaining about the crying baby, instead be the change you want to see in the travel space. Help a parent out. It’s one of the five essential rules of airplane etiquette.

4. How to Upgrade an Economy Class Ticket

If you have a long summer flight or want to make sure your carry-on makes it on the cabin, then it’s time to consider upgrading to a preferred economy class seat. These days buying an upgrade is not just about buying an expensive business or first class ticket. Instead, discover these affordable economy class upgrades that can change the experience of flying coach.

3. How to Avoid Fees & Pack it All in a Carry-On

These days, unless you have status on an airline or are flying Southwest, you’re probably paying to check a bag. Instead, you can pack for a trip in just one bag. Find out the best luggage, helpful packing apps and some smart packing practices to fit all your travel gear into that carry-on.

2. How to Prevent Your Luggage from Getting Lost at the Airport

Okay, so you didn’t carry-on and know you’re spending the whole flight worrying about lost luggage. There’s a better way. If you have to check a bag, there are the updated tools and technology to help you prevent lost luggage and recover your bags if the worst case scenario happens.

1. The Fastest Way Through Airport Security

Getting through airport security can be one of the most exhausting and stressful part of your trip.  Not to mention the increased waits. But you can pack smart, dress properly and even pick the right security line. Here’s the secret to the fastest way through security.

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