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Travel Tip: Hotels in Repurposed Buildings

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If there’s one thing I love, it’s hotels in buildings that have a lot of history…especially those that pay homage to the great stories behind them.

Of course, no one beats Berlin when it comes to repurposing industrial buildings. Try the Hotel Sarotti-Höfe, located in an old German chocolate factory.

A little closer to home, there’s the Quaker Square Inn in Akron, Ohio. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s located inside an old grain silo that was part of the Quaker Oats milling facility. And yes, the guest rooms are round.

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, there’s the Cork Factory Hotel. You guessed it…it’s the old Cork Works manufacturing facility turned boutique hotel in the middle of Amish country.

You’ve heard of the Liberty Hotel in Boston that used to be a prison. Well, how about a prison turned B&B? Try the Old Jail Bed and Breakfast in Taylors Falls, Minnesota, which used to be the old lockup next to the town saloon.

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