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8 Mad Men-Inspired Vacations

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Before tonight’s season 6 premiere, plan ahead and step into the world of Pete Campbell, Betty Draper, Don Draper (and even Dick Whitman) on your next vacation. Relics of the Mad Men era are still around, so we had contributor Lauren Herstik round up eight series locations and characters to inspire your next vacation.

Start at the Roosevelt

Manhattan’s Roosevelt Hotel is a hub of Mad Men bad behavior. It’s the site of Sal’s secret Season 1 tryst with the aggressive rep for Belle Jolie Lipstick, and Don’s Season 2 hideout after Betty throws him out. Never mind that the pretense for the whole ordeal is a crumbling marriage and the kind of repressed memories therapists pay their mortgages with, Don shows the kids a great time ordering in room service milkshakes during their weekend sleepovers with daddy. The Roosevelt’s offering a Mad Men-themed deal through June 30, 2012. Guests receive a copy of Mad Men Season 4 on DVD, a themed cookbook, and 60s-era drinks at the Mad46 rooftop lounge and the Madison Club Lounge.

In New York, you can also drink like Don. On March 27, The Pierre‘s bar and lounge, Two E will host a Mad Men-inspired night with classic cocktails  like the sophisticated Sazarac, a sexy Bikini Martini or the ever-popular Moscow Mule. The party begins at 6:30 pm, but the cocktails will be available all season long.

Docks at Fishers Island. Credit: Flicker user RyanDianna

Use “summer” as a verb

The young Pete Campbell would summer at The Campbell Estate on Fishers Island just off Long Island. Visit the Fishers Island Club at the east end of the island and play a round at one of Golf Digest’s top 10 golf courses in the country.

Or stop at Hay Harbor, a smaller club on the island’s west end, which also maintains a sailing club. Fishers Island Yacht Club holds races every Saturday, hosts several parties during the summer, as well as weekly picnic barbecues. A ferry leaves from New London, CT regularly during the summer.

Take a Betty Draper Long Weekend

When pajama-clad mornings in the front yard chain smoking with a rifle aimed at the neighbor’s pigeons get old, hop a flight to Reno, Nevada for a quickie divorce and, if your plans allow- even quicker remarriage. Reno was at one time the divorce capital of America. In Betty’s time, divorce in New York was a complicated and expensive proposition, requiring proof of adultery. But Nevada’s divorce laws were a breeze, requiring only six weeks’ residency and proof of “extreme mental cruelty.” This led to the rise of “divorce ranches,” desert retreats where women waiting to establish residency could ride a horse, take in desert vistas, and sleep under the stars before heading over to the Washoe County Courthouse to seal the deal. Presumably, this is how Betty Draper spent her time between Seasons 3 and 4, and now you can too.