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TSA to Allow Small Knives & Golf Clubs: Are Passengers at Risk?

Yesterday, the TSA announced that passengers will once again be allowed to carry on small sporting knives (less than 2.3 inches in length without locking blades and molded grips), sporting equipment and up to two golf clubs. The decision has angered flight attendant unions that warn that it will put passengers and crew members risk.

It comes down to an issue of cabin safety, not terrorism. Flight attendants worry about the risks inherent with inebriated passengers, but the airlines have issued a statement in support of the decision. The intention was to make security lines move faster, though initially it might cause more confusion in implementing the very specific rules of what can and cannot be brought on board.

Peter joins the team at CBS This Morning to look at whether the TSA’s new policy is endangering your safety on your next flight.

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