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How Airlines Are Preparing for the Sequester & What to Expect

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Facing $600 million in budget cuts from the sequester, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood does not sugarcoat the message and warns that the cuts will be very painful for the flying public.

The cuts will be tough for the country, but the impact might not be felt right away. To prepare the airlines are performing what Peter terms as “airline triage.” Taking a cue from the cold-weather playbook they are looking at routes. High-traffic U.S. and intercontinental routes will operate, but less-profitable routes between smaller markets will face cancellations.

The FAA is anticipating 90-minute delays according to the present schedule, but that schedule is more likely to change as early as Monday as airlines look to cancel select flights and routes from medium-sized markets.

Watch Peter’s CBS This Morning report as he outlines the complete impact of the sequester.

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