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Radio Guest List–British Airways Flight 1–February 2, 2013

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Peter’s favorite travel experiences aren’t all destinations. Sometimes, it’s all about the process of travel. This week, Peter is setting off on British Airways Flight 1 from the London City Airport to New York’s John F. Kennedy.

Beyond avoiding the crowds at Heathrow, the benefit of this flight is that it makes a stop in Shannon, Ireland, where there is a U.S. customs facility at the airport. Translation? You can clear customs before arriving back in the U.S.

Joining Peter on the the flight are Travel Weekly’s Arnie Weissmann and Airfare Watchdog’s George Hobica who look at the latest U.S. travel trends. Plus, Vanity Fair‘s Victoria Mather, Visit Britain’s Paul Gauger and British Airway’s Simon Talling-Smith share the latest in travel across the pond, including the final impact of the 2012 Olympic Games.

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Arnie Weissmann, editor in chief for Travel Weekly and senior vice president of Northstar Travel Media, looks ahead to changes in the airlines industry in 2013, including the potential American Airlines merger.

Paul Gauger of Visit Britain reports on the impact of the Olympic Games and what’s to come for London in 2013.

George Hobica, founder of, analyzes the new Delta Air Lines frequent-flier program and looks at his travel predictions still to come for 2013.

Rhonda Abrams, small-business columnist for USA Today, debates whether new technology is erasing the need for business travel.

Victoria Mather, contributing travel editor for Vanity Fair, shares her picks for standout European hotels.

Simon Talling-Smith, executive vice president of the Americas for British Airways, discusses the London City Airport and how it can be used as an alternate to Heathrow.