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Travel Tip: Are Valentine Deals Worth It?

Antique_Valentine_1909_01Every year at this time, I get flooded with promotions from hotels. Why? It’s Valentine’s Day, of course. But here’s where it pays not to get caught up in the hype.

Here’s the deal: Every year, the hotels come up with Valentine’s Day promotions that include things like a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates, rose petals scattered on the bed.

Can you say ugh? Then they tack on another $100 and call it a deal.

Here’s a tip: how about you go to the store and buy your own bottle of champagne and your own chocolates—and skip the flower petals.

The only freebies that I do encourage considering are ones with actual value: dinner, spa treatments or even free parking.

You can always call up and do the math yourself.

There’s also a website called DealBase that actually compares packages with a la carte rates to tell you if you’ve found a deal.

Now here’s the real advice: Skip Valentine’s weekend travel altogether…and go the following weekend instead.

That’s when you’re going to find the real bargains because no one else is traveling, and you’ll have the whole place to yourselves!

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