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Behind the Scenes of American Airlines’ New Look

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Yesterday, when American Airlines CEO Tom Horton held a press conference, he surprised many in the room. He did not announce the airline was emerging from bankruptcy, or that it was merging with US Airways. Instead he wheeled out a newly painted 737 with a new livery and new logo…. and announced the airline’s rebranding efforts. More than just a paint job, American Airlines’ latest efforts make up the largest rebranding in airline history: every plane, kiosk, ticket jacket, menu, food item, uniform, carpet, counter — in essence everything that the public sees, hears or touches has been evaluated and changed.

This story is not so much about the changes as it is about the timing. American Airlines is still in bankruptcy, still dealing with a merger offer from US Air and still has contentious labor relations. One pilot charged, “this is only putting new paint on a house with a bad foundation.”

Peter was the inside track on this story for the past 7 months. Hear from CEO Tom Horton alongside pilots, flight attendants and union heads in Peter’s special inside report for CBS This Morning. 

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