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Travel Tip: Peter’s 2013 Travel Resolutions

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Every year, I share my list of resolutions for the travel industry. Let’s review my latest list and see if it actually sticks this year.

For the airlines my advice is simple…portable stairs. There’s nothing more frustrating than landing early only to hear that there’s no jetway available. It would cut down on missed connecting passengers and baggage, so the airlines would actually save money by not burning fuel they would waste waiting for the jetway they didn’t need in the first place.

For the airports, my biggest recommendation is a central de-icing station 200 feet from each end of the runway. Right now, flights have to be delayed so a truck can park next to the plane for de-icing.

For hotels, I have only two words: free Internet.

TSA would benefit from having a copy of the airline schedules, and actually reading it.

Last but certainly not least, my resolution for fellow travelers is kindness, manners and patience.

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