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8 Stupid Travel Gadgets from CES and Better Alternatives

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This week some of the world’s top electronic and science-based companies came together to announce their latest and greatest products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. As with any trade show, there were some products that missed the mark.  Resident nerd Darra Stone brings you the top eight gadgets that you don’t need to travel with and eight that you should save space for in your suitcase.

 Don’t Pack: The Sensus Touch Sensitive iPhone Case (Launching this summer at $69.00)


Some products feel like they are trying to reinvent the wheel. Those that don’t want their fingers getting in the way of the screen as they text and play games have had the option of a stylus since the iPhone’s conception. Trying to figure out where on the back of the case to place your finger seems like a bigger problem then the original.  Even with its sleek design and new technology, the Sensus Touch Sensitive iPhonecase provides a convenience that is just too pricey and hard to use.

Do Pack: Pogo stylus ($14.95)

The Pogo stylus allows those with bulky fingers to navigate their iPhone’s with ease. The beauty of this inexpensive product is that it is also compatible with other smart devices. It might not be the “cool new thing” but the Pogo is easy to use and eliminates the problem of chunky fingers ruining your app life.