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How Severe are the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Problems?

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The 787 Dreamliner broke ground as the fastest-selling wide-body jet in history, but these days the headlines are all about problems. Following its launch there has been a string of high-profile issues in the U.S and December growing pains. Now, 2013 has started with even more issues. Yesterday, a 787 began leaking fuel before takeoff from Logan International Airport. Then on Monday there was a fire in the battery compartment in the underbelly of another Dreamliner flight from Tokyo.

Currently, there are only 36 Dreamliners in flight, but more than 800 have been ordered. With issues stemming from outsourced production, engineering and manufacturing, the growing pains continue to mount for the aircraft. Watch Peter’s CBS This Morning report to see what happens now — who investigates, what they are looking for, and, most important, what it means for air safety.

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