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Last-Minute Gift Guide: 12 New & Innovative Ideas for Travelers

Locations in this article:  San Francisco, CA

The big gifts for the techie traveler in your life are obvious — tablets, e-book readers, cameras and computers. Instead of going with the expected, Phil Baker tests out a dozen offerings that you might not have considered.

FreeWheelin Helmet Sound System for the Bike Traveler

Combine action sports with technology and you get a slew of new products, including GoPro’s tiny action cameras to take videos of yourself skiing, surfing or racing, and LifeProof’s ( amazing cases that make iPhones and iPads impervious to water, dropping and extreme conditions.

One of the newest products in this category that I’ve been trying is the RichardSolo FreeWheelin sound system for helmets. It’s a lightweight, hands-free stereo speaker and speakerphone system that connects by Bluetooth or cable to your cellphone or music player. The three-piece system attaches to the outside of the helmet using heavy-duty Velcro strips. (It can also be used on your desktop or in your car with an included bracket).

Unlike headphones, which are illegal because they block your hearing, these are legal. Still, after just returning from a long bike ride and enjoying the very good sound, I found that you need to be cautious that they don’t block other sounds such as nearby traffic. I was more comfortable using them along bike paths than in those environments where you need to be highly attentive to street traffic. ($139.95)