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Travel Detective Blogs: My Vote For Travel Change

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Let’s move over to hotels. There should be a rule that no hotel room can have a light bulb of less than 140 watts with a dimmer switch.

I know every hotel designer thinks they’re doing me a favor by giving me mood lighting in the hotel room. It immediately puts me in a bad mood. I want the option to be able to read or to work in my room.

If the light in the room you are giving me is dim, then you’re putting me in a bad mood. I know a lot of business travelers that are actually traveling right now with their own light bulbs. Give me a 150 watt bulb with a dimmer switch, and I’ll choose your hotel.

I also want the absolute destruction of hotel alarm clocks in guest rooms. I don’t like automated voice wake-up calls either. Hire more people, the human touch makes a big difference.

Finally, when it comes to cruise lines: more sea, less ports. I cannot stand a cruise itinerary that’s in a different Caribbean port every eight hours where you’re forced to buy a t-shirt and sit on a bus. Give me at least two to three days at sea on a seven day cruise. My pulse rate will come down. I’ll enjoy the ship. At sea, you think better, you relax better and you’re not regimented to rush off the ship and rush back. If I hear one more steel band at a Caribbean port, I think I’m going to throw up.

In the next four years of travel, I would like to see runway rules, portable stairs, pre-clearance, 150 watt bulbs in every hotel room, no hotel alarm clocks, and last, but not least, more sea and less ports.

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