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Relive Dallas: 5 Travel Ideas Inspired by the Iconic Show

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For the last 20 years, the ghosts of JR, Sue Ellen and Bobby Ewing have cast their shadows over Dallas, while Southfork Ranch has become an iconic landmark. Thanks to TNT, the show is back on the air and in popular conscience this summer, so we asked Lauren Herstik to head to Dallas and show us some real-life travel opportunities for the next generation of Dallas fans.

1. Start at Southfork Ranch

Your 20 year-long wait is over: The Ewings are back and Southfork Ranch is about to see more double crossing than London in the fencing finals. Dallas returns to TV this summer, but fans have trekked across the country and around the world to the Ranch in a steady stream ever since the original went off the air. A trip to Southfork Ranch promises those iconic vistas, lounging longhorns, and a look at the gun that shot JR. When that hour-and-a-half is up, you can venture just off the Ranch and into nearby Plano to and shop, eat, and mosey around town like the Ewings.

Your visit to Southfork Ranch will run you about $11 (not including your Dallas memorabilia haul at the gift shop). Everything you ever wanted to know about the original show’s 13-year run and the secrets on the new show rests with resident expert, Sally Peavy, a sales rep with the Ranch with a Paula Deen drawl who might just believe she’s a distant Ewing cousin.