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Cuba Like a Local & Peter’s Top 5 Cuba Travel Tips

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Peter’s Top 5 Tips for Experiencing Cuba Like a Local

Get off the computer

It’s particularly difficult to get online in Cuba, which means that talking to locals on the ground becomes even more important. Keep in mind there are language barriers so memorize a few key phrases.

Eat Like a Local

To eat like a local, head for a paladar. These small family-run restaurants go from rustic to high-end. Whichever outpost you choose, it’s an authentic local experience and you can see directly where you money is going.

Visit Residential Neighborhoods

Don’t just go to Old Havana. To get a sense of the local experience head to Miramar or other Havana suburbs. You’ll soon see that Cuba is more than 1950’s cars.

Make your Own Excursion

It’s easy to get locked into the all-inclusive experience in Cuba, but you can also make your own excursion. Remember to pack some common sense as well as a sense of adventure.

Go to Local Hot Spots

Look for culture and you’re sure to find some of the hot spots in Cuba. Head to Callejon de Hamel on Sunday for salsa dancing in the streets.

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