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Travel Tip: How Does Precheck Screening Affect You?

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Recently the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security announced they would expand a pre-screening program to make the airport security process more efficient. But who really benefits?

The PreCheck program has already been in place in 7 airports across the country and it’s expanding to 28 more. Qualified fliers go through an expedited security line, without having to remove their shoes, belts, coats, and laptops.

Right now it’s open to frequent fliers who are already part of a Trusted Traveler program through Customs and Border Patrol. If you’re a mega frequent flier on a participating airline’s loyalty program, you may also be eligible.

The airline will let you know if you are. So what’s the fine print? For starters, you can’t know if you’ve been approved until you get to the airport and the TSA points you to a PreCheck lane.

And guess what? Even those who are approved may still be subject to random screening. Bottom line: It’s a step in the right direction for the TSA to use common sense in who it screens, but don’t expect to see any major changes in your airport experience.

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Featured Image Credit: David Prasad