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Bad Romance: The Five Least Romantic Vacations

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Is your girlfriend looking for more of a commitment than you’re ready to give? Maybe you’re single and want to escape the romantic hoopla? From swamps to war zones, contributor Lauren Herstik lays out the top five least romantic places on the planet.

Stinks and Dangers

The Afar Depression in Ethiopia is one of the hottest places on Earth, but not “hot” in the way Vegas club promoters or frat boys on spring break mean it. It’s one of the lowest places on Earth, home to 12 active volcanoes and one of the Earth’s few lava lakes.

Rotorua, New Zealand. Image credit: Destination Rotorua Marketing

A reenactment of Dante’s Peak is only romantic if both of you survive. More than 100 earthquakes can happen here in a month, and locals have reported that they’ve seen the earth open up at literally swallow unsuspecting camels whole. So unless you’re looking to end a relationship, this might not be for the two of you.

If, after your couple’s tour of New Zealand, you’re looking for one more stop to round out the trip, skip Rotorua. While the majesty of nature might seem a romantic inspiration, the ambient fragrance of rotting eggs certainly isn’t. The geothermal hot springs are spectacular not just because of their visual splendor, but also because of the magnificent sulfur smell =hat will stick to your clothes for months to come.